composer: Alex Price

The following is a curated and updated collection of the music compositions I have written or covered. To find more, or to be updated on more, visit my soundcloud, bandcamp, youtube, itunes, or spotify pages respectively. Open for commission work!

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An original film score I did for the film, "The Door Between Us", directed by Jonathan Wedwick. The film is currently in pre-production.

An original score I composed in 2019 for No Es Gran Cosa, a short film directed by Gisselle Arely.

On May 2nd, 2020 this score won Best Original Music at the 2020 AFA(ASU) Film Festival.

All copyright to Alex Price.

An original score I created in 2019 for Lion Man, directed by Brian Papworth.


The film premiered in December 2019 at the ASU Fall Film Festival.

All music copyright to Alex Price.

My submission for the 2020 Indie Film Music Contest. A new score for the film Poulette's Chair.

I wanted to make an ambient film track and this is what I came up with. In Logic Pro X, 2019.

One of my first attempts at writing for film/orchestral. Written in Mixcraft 7 in 2017 using the Garritan Personal Orchestra Sound Library.


My cover of That Old Church Piano, as performed by Sam Ock.

My cover of Saro, as performed by Sam Amidon and the Westerlies. Made over the course of a sleepy Sunday night. 

Cover of Jacob Collier's Hideaway I did over the course of a week for Jam of the Week in summer 2017. Used Mixcraft 7.

A song I wrote to reflect on the year 2020. Guitar, piano, and voice.

Video Game

An electronic piece composed for a concept video game called Blue Shift. Written as menu music.

An electronic piece composed for a concept video game called Blue Shift. Written as action music.

A re-score from the video game, "Dark Souls III", entitled A Nameless King.


My original entitled, Across Time and Space. Check out the YouTube link here:

A groovetrack I did in 2017. Mixcraft 7. Don't remember why I called it Randomizer.

A piece I wrote back in late 2016, 2017. Early to mixing and producing at the time. Wrote in Mixcraft 7.

A composition I wrote in 2017 using Mixcraft 7. 


Twin Tunes #1: On Green Dolphin Street. Trumpet and Piano played by me.

First major jazz composition. Written in 2017 for the Chandler Jazz Festival


Previews and demos of my upcoming songs/compositions. It's important to hear the process! Will be transferred out when full versions release.

My composition from the most recent Nash Composer's Coalition concert, entitled Cycles of Creation. Audio is from rehearsal. 2019

Guitar fingerpicking, piano, and ensemble trumpet. Demo for an upcoming track released in 2020.

Demo for an upcoming electronic track released on Instagram in 2020.

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